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About Troupe Namaste


Troupe Namaste right to left:
Eileen, Kimber, Director Jenny, Helen, Barb

Troupe Namaste is a sisterhood of women who, as an ethnic dance troupe, study and perform the art of Middle Eastern Dance as well as many other styles of world dance. This group of dancers decided on the name “Namaste” because it means, “The Divine in me blesses and honors the Divine in you.” This is an appropriate name for a group of dancers who come together in the spirit of collaboration and love of the dance.

This troupe has been led by Director Jenny Hennek since the troupe was formed in 2000. As a troupe, this lovely group of women show a variety of dance styles, including authentic Middle Eastern dances, world style dances such as Turkish, Gypsy Rom, Tribal and Oriental Pop, and comedy, often using veils, canes, finger cymbals, and swords in their dances. (Learn more about these dance styles.)

They perform in many different venues, including haflas, staged shows and charity events throughout the area. They also produce their own Arabian Nights show each spring in Palatine where the troupe, along with other students and dancers, perform.

Troupe Namaste is available for performance and provides quality entertainment perfect for festivals, libraries, weddings, retirement/nursing homes, fund-raising events, education functions and more.

Jenny Hennek


Praise for Troupe Namaste

Our members benefit greatly from having Troupe Namaste visit. The costumes, dancing and music have such therapeutic qualities and enhance our program offerings. Troupe Namaste are so accommodating, professional and truly make every effort to maximize the participation and enjoyment of the audience for whom they are performing.

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Community Relations Coordinator
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