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Jenny's Bio

Although dance has been a part of my life since I was young, beginning with training in jazz and ballet, it was when I discovered the beauty and grace of Middle Eastern Dance that I decided to invest my time studying all aspects of this beautiful and healing art form. While teaching for over ten years now, I continue my journey of learning and discovery. This encompasses taking instruction from some of the most respected Master teachers in the field, as well as participation in many workshops, travel abroad and across our country seeking this knowledge. I feel it is important to understand the history and intricacies of the dance to fully appreciate and enjoy its beauty.

In my classes, this is displayed through a lyrical and instinctive interpretation of music. Class instruction revolves primarily around my knowledge of Egyptian dance, yet includes instruction in many diverse styles such as: Turkish, Gypsy, Folkloric and Cabaret, and the use of canes, swords, veils and finger cymbals.

My Masters Degree in Counseling along with additional training in Authentic Movement, Breath Work, and Body Centered Psychotherapy has enhanced my understanding of movement in the body, and given me insight into women and how to support their needs for personal growth. It has also helped me create a nurturing and stimulating class environment.

Throughout my dance career I have had the satisfaction of performing in a variety of venues ranging from women's groups to large scale shows. For over five years I have had the pleasure of being director of Troupe Namaste and leading a sisterhood of wonderful women who have worked together to perform in many successful shows.

I plan to continue my career in dance on this restorative and satisfying path, and I invite you to join me!